12% of clothing remains unsold at the end of every season.
160 billion Euros worth of waste.

Landfills are being filled with unsold clothes that have never been worn.

Yes, we are also shocked by these numbers and that’s why we decided to change things.

We launch a limited-edition collection every month and only produce the quantities that have been ordered. Nothing more, nothing less. The result: zero overproduction and minimal waste. 

At THE LAUNCH, we are committed to slowing down the pace of fashion. Designing one-of-a-kind pieces with a story, specially produced for you. We don’t work with the traditional seasonal fashion calendar; we only launch a new collection when it’s ready. Meaning our timeless pieces can be worn regardless of the season.

We want to contribute to a more responsible fashion industry and change the future of fashion.


We have high standards and source our fabrics from Portugal, Italy, Turkey and France. When sourcing fabrics, we are always looking for better and more sustainable materials. We explore the potential of deadstock, recycled, regenerative or renewable fabrics. 

Deadstock fabrics are leftover fabrics of the fashion industry. These fabrics are already produced, but ended up not being made into clothes. In the past, most of these deadstock fabrics would be thrown away and end up in landfills.

Nowadays, deadstock fabrics can be used by other brands. Using them is the most sustainable option, as they are already produced. Therefore, we prefer to use deadstock instead of new fabrics.

Renewable fabrics are derived from natural materials that can be replenished within a short timeframe. Examples include organic cotton, bamboo, hemp, linen, wool, and silk.

Unlike synthetic fibers, renewable fabrics require fewer non-renewable resources and energy during production, and many are biodegradable, reducing their environmental impact. Supporting the use of renewable fabrics promotes sustainable agriculture and conserves natural resources.

Regenerative goes beyond the concept of renewable fabrics by actively restoring and improving ecosystems and natural processes. Regenerative fabrics are produced using farming practices that actively restore ecosystems and soil health. These fabrics may be made from fibers sourced from plants grown using regenerative agriculture methods, such as organic cotton, hemp, and linen.

By promoting soil fertility, biodiversity, and carbon sequestration, regenerative fabrics support environmentally beneficial practices throughout the supply chain.

In 2024, our goal is to source 50% of our fabrics from better materials, encompassing deadstock, recycled, regenerative, or renewable materials. This marks a significant step towards our ultimate objective: creating collections made out of 100% better materials. We are committed to reach that goal in 2025. 

These are the things we are working on: 

  • In 2023, we analyzed the entire production process and saw that a lot of waste is created when cutting the items. On average, the cutting loss is 20% of the fabric. So we started thinking of solutions and started making bags from these pieces of fabric. This has helped us reduce the cutting loss percentage by 5%. This means there is still a 15% cutting loss, so we need another solution. Therefore, we are currently searching for a recycling partner, this way these pieces of fabric can be recycled and we get even closer to the goal of having zero waste.

  • In January 2024, we launched RELAUCH. With RELAUNCH we are giving old items of THE LAUNCH a new life through remake and resale. In the future, we would like to recycle the items that are not able to be repaired or resold. 

By producing on-demand we already eliminate 30% of overproduction, which means 30% less clothing items that will end up in landfills. We are really proud of this, but there is so much more that we can do. 

Your new THE LAUNCH items will arrive in sustainable packaging. 

  • Our shipping bag is made from 70% recycled plastic
  • No plastic bag, no excess waste
  • Any inserts are made from recycled paper, produced in an environmentally friendly way and FSC certified

We want to create fashion in the most responsible way

Our story

I realize that producing clothing at its core is not sustainable. However, fashion will always be a way of identifying and communicating about who we are, how we feel, how we relate to each other.

Starting a fashion brand has always been my dream. However, I couldn’t imagine starting a fashion brand and not thinking about the negative impact on the climate.

For years, I worked in the fashion industry and saw stock piling up in warehouses and stores. This is when I decided I wanted to change this and start an on-demand fashion brand. We are on a journey and working really hard to become more responsible every day.

At THE LAUNCH we seek to innovate, improve, learn and, hopefully, educate. We are on a journey and working really hard to become more sustainable every day. We are constantly learning and making small steps to improve. There are still a lot of steps to take, but we will take you along and share our journey.

The satisfaction of buying fast fashion lasts a minute. The reward of buying on-demand lasts forever.